RGU Freshers' Fayre

Students' Union

Going to university isn't just about getting a degree!

There is an entire lifestyle that comes with being a student. Although studying is a big part of it, it is also about the overall experience. Trying new things, being adventurous and making the most of the opportunities available to you.

The Union is all about making your experience the best it can be. Its purpose is to support students by providing a number of different services and opportunities for them to get involved with. Being a student gives you the opportunity to try any number of exciting new things, such as being part of a sports team or society, taking part in student activities or trips, volunteering, raising money for charity, or simply meeting new people! The list is endless, but the bottom line is that the Union is there to help students, that is their number one priority.

For more information on the Students' Union, and the up–to–date list of sport clubs and societies, please visit: www.rguunion.co.uk.