Teodora Jossifova

"I feel that college was a bridge that helped me get to where I wanted to be in terms of my learning and future prospects."

Years 1 & 2: HND Social Sciences
Years 3 & 4: BA (Hons) Applied Social Sciences

Why did you choose the Degree Link Route?

I chose the Degree Link route because it gave me an opportunity to keep an open mind. I was able to explore all of the possibilities available in my course and meet new people. When I was younger, I had thought that I would go straight from school into University and I had no idea that this particular pathway was on offer. My school had provided me with the Degree Link brochure, which opened the door for me.

What has been the best thing about the experience?

At College I had received a lot of support from staff who were always available to help me. The best experience was when I had started HNC — in the first few months I had struggled a lot, but with the help of my lecturers at NESCol, they were able to assist me. When I had joined RGU, every one of my classmates was so supportive in helping me get familiarised with certain types of software. I was made to feel very welcome at RGU, which was great.

What's the best thing about studying at NESCol?

The best thing about studying at NESCol was the lecturers who were amazing at explaining parts of the course to me that I may have struggled with in the beginning of my studies. They were also really good at giving feedback on assignments and outlining things you had done well and also things to work on.

What's the best thing about studying at RGU?

The best thing about studying at RGU is the opportunity I have to explore certain subject areas that really interest me in my course. I also love how many different societies there are at RGU and I am a member of a few societies, which is a fantastic way to meet new people. With the help of the lecturers and being able to explore subject areas that really interested me, I was able to achieve my first A grade, which I was so happy about!

RGU so far has been a fantastic experience for me and I am really looking forward to the rest of my academic career. I hope to eventually become accredited and become a Doctor and study clinical psychology, which is a big passion of mine. RGU has given me the opportunity of directing my learning to hopefully achieve this in the future.

Would you recommend Degree Link to other students? Why?

Definitely. When I first started studying in Scotland, I didn't think that there was another option besides going to school and straight into University. If you're a student who doesn't get on well with the subjects you are given at school, this is a great opportunity of still getting in to University and doing what you really want to. I feel that College was a bridge that helped me get to where I wanted to be in terms of my learning and future prospects.