Case Studies

Degree Link student Jennie Milne

Jennie Milne

Art, Design, Visual Communication & Photography

"College and University study enable you to have a really rich and balanced learning experience."

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Degree Link student Elaine Hamilton

Elaine Hamilton


"The fact that I had left education for so long, the idea of going straight into University was a little daunting."

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Degree Link student Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


"I didn't feel confident enough to go straight into University and felt this would be the best transition for me."

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Degree Link student Phiwa Simelane

Phiwa Simelane


"When I left school, I didn't have qualifications good enough for nursing, so the Degree Link provided me the opportunity to get the grades required."

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Degree Link student Matej Svoboda

Matej Svoboda

Computing & IT

"The decision to take the Degree Link route was the beginning point to achieve my current career."

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Degree Link student Hal McCorry

Hal McCorry

Creative Media

"I would definitely recommend Degree Link to other students and, more importantly, to students who don't really know what they want to do."

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Degree Link student Chloe Pearson

Chloe Pearson

Construction & Engineering

"I think even if you have the grades to go straight into University, I would probably still recommend to go to college first. I feel it is just more of a stepping stone, like a bridge towards University."

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Degree Link student Paulina Taraska

Paulina Taraska

Construction & Engineering

"I feel that not all students may be ready to start University from the 1st year and having Degree Link in place helps a lot of students."

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Degree Link student Kierab McBeath

Kieran McBeath

"I would definitely recommend the Degree Link. It gave me an option when I felt lost at school but too young for university. It was great at helping me become more self–confident and independent."

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Degree Link student Teodora Jossifova

Teodora Jossifova

Social Sciences

"I feel that College was a bridge that helped me get to where I wanted to be in terms of my learning and future prospects."

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Degree Link student Kyle Hewitt

Kyle Hewitt

Sport & Fitness

"The best thing has been how closely the lecturers at both NESCol and RGU were already connected in terms of delivering the course."

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