What is Degree Link?

Degree Link is the unique partnership between North East Scotland College and Robert Gordon University, allowing students to gain advanced entry to a degree at RGU after completing a relevant HNC/D at NESCol. Traditionally, Degree Link is offered on a 2 + 2 basis — two years of College followed by two years of University. Students may also wish to take a 1 + 1 + 2 route into a degree – starting at College on an HNC course, then advancing into the second year of a related HND before progressing directly into third year at RGU. There are also 1 + 3 routes available for certain courses, where an HNC leads into the second year of a degree at RGU.

Why Degree Link?

There are several reasons to take the Degree Link route to your qualifications.

North East Scotland College can be a great stepping stone for those who don't feel ready for university when they leave school. RGU's courses have a professional and academic focus and require a lot of self study. It can be a big step for some school leavers.

With smaller class sizes, students at NESCol have more one–on–one time with lecturers, and therefore more support with their studies. College students are assessed continuously, which means they will complete assessments throughout the year for various modules. These assessments — whether they are exams or coursework — contribute to the final pass of a course, and also help students prepare for their final graded unit or exam.

The vocational courses at College offer students the opportunity to learn practically and in work–like environments, alongside their academic study. This means that your learning will be focused on how to use your qualification in the world of work.

Progressing from College to RGU will mean students have had more time to prepare for the next step to the more academic focus and independent study elements of University.

North East Scotland College offers entry points for people with a wide variety of qualifications — including those with no formal qualifications at all. Students who enter study at an introductory level can work their way up to an HN qualification, where they could have the option to progress to RGU through Degree Link.